About Us


s an organisation that is committed to creating opportunities for travellers, communities and travel businesses, we can help you turn travel into a tool to make the most impact on your life, your organisation and your community.

If you are a traveller seeking to make most of your travel connect with us to find out why including volunteering in your next travel experience will significantly increase your happiness, save money, bring new friendships and create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

If you are a travel professional seeking to grow your business you can get involved to know how promoting volunteering will help you grow your business( even effortlessly), attract new travellers and help you make an impact on the world while you run a profitable business activity.

If you are a charity seeking to make a lasting impact and a stable international network of supporters, then be part of our fast-growing network to establish your own volunteering program, generate funds, showcase your work and make an even higher impact.

About Ninad Sharma

Ninad started his life in the travel industry in 2000 by doing mass tourism program for international people. The regular tourism industry left him disenchanted because his travellers would fly from faraway places and then restrict themselves to 5-star hotels and very artificial experiences.

His initial work with social development left him disillusioned because of high-level corruption in the social organisations and how the system seems to keep disadvantaged communities always dependent on the help of others.

Discovery of volunteer travel in 2003 led to the fulfilment of two objectives – making an impact on the lives of needy people and helping travellers get an unmatched experience of the country.

Since 2003, by developing smart models of creating and delivering volunteer travel, Ninad’s organisation has grown its network to 36 countries around the world and contributed over 1.9 million community service hours impacting over a hundred thousand families.

Today, Ninad speaks, researches and develops models of effective volunteer travel that bring memorable experiences to travellers, profitable growth to travel businesses and a stable, sustainable source of funding and attention to grassroots charities around the world.