Volunteer Travel for charities

Volunteer Travel offers a whole world of resources, connections and hands-on help to charities who want to make a greater impact.

It is commonplace for charities to struggle for funding and be in search of donors. Establishing a volunteer travel program in your social or environmental initiatives, charities can :

  • Generate additional income for their projects.
  • Get motivated and bright people from all over the world to help them.
  • Set themselves free of dependence on donors.
  • Grow their impact.

Setting up a volunteer program can however be challenging for a number of reasons

  • Lack of marketing knowledge to make their work known.
  • Not knowing requirements of paying volunteer travellers and how to fulfil them.
  • Not having the resources to offer accommodation, meals, transport and other such things that volunteers need.

The purpose of International Volunteer Travel Association (IVTA) is to use its experience of over 20 years in social development, tourism and volunteer travel to offers a number of empowering solutions to charities

  • Knowhow on setting up volunteer program – from basic to advanced.
  • Providing a global platform to display their work and attract great volunteers.
  • Provide solutions to lack of logistical facilities that volunteer travellers need.

By associating with IVTA, charities can get more attention, resources and recognition for your work. Get in touch with us by registering with us:

Jaipur, India