Volunteer Travel for Travellers

Volunteering is the best form of travel there is. It allows a traveller to

  • Immerse in the real culture of the country.
  • See the highlights that regular tourists enjoy ( and pay a lot more).
  • Develop personal traits like patience, problem solving and gratitude.
  • Make a lasting impact on a cause that is close to the heart – whether related to people or environment.

Finding good volunteering however can be challenging because of a number of factors

  • Disorganised or dishonest volunteering providers.
  • Badly run projects.
  • Being charged too much money for poor quality.
  • Not knowing how to find good volunteering projects and being well prepared for it.

The International Volunteer Travel Association (IVTA) offers a solution to this issue by offering a number of resources to overcome these obstacles by

  • Providing the best possible solutions to all issues.
  • Regular information on how to be prepared .
  • Offering credible programs by trustworthy companies and charities.

With no commercial interest behind the work being done by IVTA and stringent standards, you can be sure of getting the best and most trustworthy information and connections.

Jaipur, India